Definitely the best chiropractor I have ever gone to.

Along with having the patience to really understand my issues and pain, I feel he has targeted my problem areas to see results quite fast and efficiently.

Dr. Hokanson has new, alternative ways to help with pain. He includes laser treatments and certain tools to help in areas that need the attention in a new way for me, not just an adjustment. It seems to take the experience really to a whole new level.

He has shown me that pain is NOT something I have to accept and live with.

– Cheryl C.

I’m so pleased with my first visit to Dr. Hokanson. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding holistic healthcare and explains things thoroughly and understandably. He also maps out a reasonable plan of care for addressing immediate concerns and maintaining good health. I felt immediately better after my first adjustment! I will definitely return to him!

– Gina M.

I can’t recommend Hokanson Wellness more! 2 years ago, lipomas started developing all over my body. After going to multiple dermatologists and doctors, I repeatedly heard that my only option was surgery and that there was nothing I could do to prevent them.

I decided to go to Hokanson Wellness. Originally, my intention was just to receive chiropractic care. However, when I told Dr. Hokanson about my lipomas, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much he cared. He asked me questions about my diet and did his own research to understand possible connections between diet, toxins in my body, and my symptoms. He gave me special diet recommendations that have helped with inflammation and joint pain caused by my lipomas.

But his care didn’t just stop there. He offered to have me try his Invisared treatment to see if that could make a difference. After just 2 appointments, I saw a noticeable change in the size of my biggest lipomas. In every session since, I’ve been shocked and surprised to see my lipomas decrease in size. I haven’t developed any new ones since.

After spending 2 years feeling hopeless about my situation, it’s meant so much to find a business and doctor that really listens and cares. He’s willing to go the extra mile to help you and I would recommend anyone dealing with lipomas or associated symptoms to seek his treatment!

-Brian B.

First-time patient but I’ll certainly return! Dr. Hokanson was gentle and extremely informative, not to mention a super nice guy! He put me at ease almost immediately and I left there feeling better than when I walked in. Highly recommend Hokanson Wellness!!!
– Cindy G.

Amazing place, iv been going there for a few weeks now and have been dealing with a recently developed autoimmune disease that has been hindering my mobility. Dr. Hokanson has taken the time to listen and try to come up with different treatments to help me which is more than any doctor I have ever been to has done. This place has given me hope about things I have been struggling with for the last 3 years and would recommend them to anyone.
– Brian B.

Amazing experience!! Super professional, actually took the time to talk to me and explain everything. Didn’t rush like most doctors. And took the time to talk about my overall health and wellness. I feel Amazing!! Will definitely be back!!
– Kristal C.

All around great experience!! Dr.Hokanson was amazing and performed diagnostics on me that never had been done before by other chiropractors.Thanks Dr.Hokanson and staff!! See you soon!!
– Victoria F.

Dr. Hokanson was able to cure my lower back pain after only two visits. Now I can make the long drive to Florida without worrying that back will go out.

I plan on seeing him when I get back in the spring for a check up.
– Anonymous

The healing I have gotten from Dr Hokanson is astounding. Ive had very limited mobility in my foot and ankle for nearly 20 years due to injury. Working with him has given me that mobility back. It’s an amazing feeling. Thank you Doctor Craig, you are truly great at what you do.
– Stephanie M.

I saw Dr. Hokanson for some discomfort I was having in my back and neck and for headaches. Within 2 visits I felt 90% better. I’ve been to other chiropractors and his unique approach and techniques really made the difference – I highly recommend him – he is a wizard!
– Jen W.

I had extremely bad migraines that was caused by my neck. I started seeing Mr. Hokanson a little over a month ago an have notice an extrem change in my neck it was always painfully for me to sleep I couldn’t Crack it myself so as the years when on it got worse in just over a month I have only had one mild headache since I have been seen he has even helped my five year old daughter an I didn’t think children needed it. I have never had a bad experience plus he’s an extremely nice person it’s always a pleasant experience while being helped.
– Amanda A.

Craig has been an answer to prayer. I’ve been in and out of Chiropractor care managing HS Football injuries for 20+ years. I know what helps me and was pleased to find Dr. Hokanson when I moved up to this area. He has had me in a few short notice sessions and made me feel well. His facility is very nice and his skills are literally helping me stay comfortable and active. I trust and rely on Dr. Hokanson!
– Nicolas P.

There should be a better rating than A+! Setup a wellness program to treat my kidney and liver disease. Remarkable recovery and years of healing and health thanks to Dr. Craig!!!! Highly recommend this life changing practice!
– Heather A.

I’ve been going to chiropractors for over 25 years and I can truly say Dr. Hokanson is superlative. His adjustments are responsive and thorough. I really appreciate his willingness to take extra time to listen and educate. He is not pushy about making future appointments (like some other places I’ve been to) but I’ve been going back frequently because I’m finally getting results, even for chronic conditions. My energy level has increased, most likely from not being in pain constantly.

I absolutely recommend Dr. Hokanson.
– Leah D.

I have been in pain for a few months in some areas and a few years in others areas. In just 4 sessions, I have improvement in places I never thought was possible…chalked it up as “getting older”…not true. From day one, I saw the change instantly
For sure, this is a must try!!! Dr. Hokanson is my hero.
– Cheryl C.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Hokanson. He has helped me with my energy, joint pain and headaches. He is knowledgeable and does more than chiropractic.
– Heather D.

“I have been seeing Dr. Hokanson for nutrition and chiropractic services for several months now for headaches and neck, jaw, and sinus pain. I’ve never had any real luck with medications, supplements, or even chiropractic services at other locations. After a few nutrition consultations and chiropractic visits, I’m feeling better than I have in decades! Dr. Hokanson has been able to “shut down” whatever feedback loop that is causing them with a few simple and painless adjustments.
I have seen myriad doctors and practitioners of all varieties over the years for these issues. Dr. Hokanson is one of the very few who has remained completely engaged, attentive, and rather than trying to quickly shoehorn me into a standard diagnosis and move on to the next patient. It’s this approach, in my view, that has made all the difference in helping to alleviate my persistent pain, and allowed me to start living a much more vital, connected life.
Thanks Dr. Hokanson!”
– Sean M.

“Dr. Hokanson’s is the best chiropractor I have seen. I was so afraid of manual adjustments but his gentle technique relaxed me and I was able to get treated and my back and headaches are so much better. Dr. C introduced me to functional medicine/muscle testing for a natural approach to diagnosing ailments. He prescribed Standard Process whole food supplements for my fatigue and I was pleasantly surprised by my increased energy as well as having no side effects from supplements. I highly recommend Dr Hokanson!”
– Michelle L

“Dr. Hokanson has been a miracle worker.” “He not only does amazing work regarding healing and health, but he is always happy to fully explain the physiology of what the adjustment will do and why it’s needed. He is very informative and patient.”
– Meg A.

“He is very understanding, I have been dealing with sleepless nights, back pain, and not being able to stand for more than 15 min. Which has affected my job performance. After a series of spinal treatments and nutritional support, I am now sleeping through the night and able to stand for my job and I am also back to jogging… Thank you so much.”
– Heidi

“He is an awesome chiropractor! Takes the time needed to understand your needs and works with you to understand how to help you.”
– Joe B.