new patients welcome Laconia, NH
Hokanson Wellness provides comprehensive services to improve the wellbeing if each patient.

  • Chiropractic Therapy
    Spinal adjustments to align the spine and neuro-muscular systems.
  • Laser Therapy
    Laser therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Laser is Photon energy. It uses light energy to help expedite the healing process by getting to stubborn areas that are lacking blood supply to help stimulate the cells to up regulate along with reducing pain and inflammation. The results are amazing.
  • Functional Nutrition
    Nutrition can help balance the body and reduce inflammation feeding the organ systems what it needs to help heal.
  • Weight Loss
    Weight loss plans custom made for each person.

Hokanson Wellness wants you to be the best you.

Your First Visit

At Hokanson Wellness in Laconia, NH our goal is to help you achieve the health and vitality you desire.

Typically, the first visit we go over your history, perform an exam, listen to your chief concerns as well as your goals and desired end results.

Whether you are here for chiropractic or nutrition on this visit, we will collect and review the data. Once completed, we will review and explain to you what we have found, and how we can best help you, from a chiropractic or nutrition approach, or both.

Subsequent Visits

We value our patient’s time. So we try to keep your continued office visits to a reasonable and timely schedule so your wait time is very low if any.