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Thanks for visiting Hokanson Wellness – Conveniently located at 96 Daniel Webster Hwy in Belmont, NH. If you’re ready to schedule your new patient consultation with Dr. Craig Hokanson, please call us at  (603) 230-2464

Comprehensive Wellness and Chiropractic Services in Belmont, NH

At Hokanson Wellness, our goal is to help you achieve the health and vitality you desire.  Whether you’re searching online for the best chiropractor near you, or researching alternative treatment options to drugs or surgery – Dr. Craig Hokanson looks forward to discussing your health and wellness goals soon.  Here are just a few of the chiropractic and wellness services available to you as a new patient at Hokanson Wellness.

  • Chiropractic Therapy

    Spinal adjustments to align the spine and neuro-muscular systems.

  • Laser Therapy

    Laser therapy to reduce chronic pain and inflammation as well as energize cellular healing.

  • Functional Nutrition

    Nutrition can help balance the body and reduce inflammation feeding the organ systems what it needs to help heal.

  • Weight Loss

    Weight loss plans custom made for each person.

  • Acoustic Wave Therapy

    A new, non-invasive option for precision pain relief and intimate vitality.

Lauren Nuse
Lauren Nuse
I have been seeing a chiropractor for about 1 year now going 2-3xs a week. I’m young healthy and very active and hurt my back and shoulder related to a sports injury. After almost 1 year I was still in pain and just didn’t feel like I was healing and my care wasn’t tailored to my issues at hand. I found Dr. Hokanson looking at his great reviews. I wouldn’t be writing this right now if I already didn’t see improvement and it’s only been 1 week. He treats you as a whole and really assesses what is going on with your whole body to Taylor your treatment the day of your adjustment. He also figures out what your body is lacking in nutrients/ minerals and guides you in the right direction of what you need to help your body heal. After just two adjustments I see 10% improvement and actually had a day where I was pain free. Highly recommended, you have nothing to loose but your pain.
Dan McPhail
Dan McPhail
He is the real deal!! He did a full adjustment on me I feel amazing!! I will be a patient for a long time !! I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family !!
PIerre Angier
PIerre Angier
I had a torn rotator cuff with a frozen shoulder. Tried a variety of treatments, but the acoustic shockwave therapy at Dr. Hokanson‘s office relieved my symptoms. I am pain-free and have almost a full range of symptoms motion.
Troy Kennett
Troy Kennett
You will not be disappointed. My neck is messed up because of my past and Doc. Hokanson fixed it! Trust me, if he can fix my broken, self-inflicted junk, he has you covered completely . Love you guys!!!!!!
Karen Holton
Karen Holton
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Craig Hokanson’s for some time. I was recently diagnosed with 2 labral tears in my left hip which will eventually require hip replacement surgery. I am not ready for that yet so I needed to find a solution for the time being. After talking with Dr. Craig, we decided on a treatment plan. I began a series of 5 weekly Acoustic Wave Therapy sessions and the treatment has worked tremendously. I saw results even after the very first session. It wasn't immediate but within a few days there was a noticeable difference. I can’t say enough about the results I have experienced! I am no longer in debilitating pain.
Jemi Estuart
Jemi Estuart
My back spasms and arthritis have disappeared after my first focus wave therapy session with Dr. Hokanson in Belmont. It only took five minutes and felt like a deep tissue massage. Focus wave therapy relieved my back pain right away
Michael Tardy
Michael Tardy
I have been going to Craig for a month now. I was in a bad car wreck 20 years ago. He has in a short time made me feel great. I recommend if you are for all natural recovery trying him out. Will not go anywhere else
Heather Davis
Heather Davis
I’ve been going to Dr. Craig consistently for over a year now and can’t imagine going back to a life without chiropractic care! It has been a tremendous help for my chronic pain as well as an improvement in my overall health!
Brooke Eakin
Brooke Eakin
The first day I half-walked in to hokanson wellness I had a lot of skepticism and a lot of pain. I really had no other option. My fears and skeptic bubbles bouncing around my head diminished as dr. Hokanson took the time to really listen and inform me about my past,present and possible future issues. He went above and beyond what I ever would have expected. After my first visit, pain started to subside and repeat visits has brought me, today, to be pain free. One of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I Look forward to my appointments and to see stephanie!. She's awesome!

What To Expect During Your New Patient Appointment

1. Discovery and New Patient Appointment Scheduling

We can’t wait to talk with you! To get started, please call Hokanson Wellness for answers to your new patient questions and to schedule your new patient appointment at telephone number (603) 230-2464

2. New Patient Appointment

Generally, during your new patient appointment at Hokanson wellness, we will start by reviewing your health and wellness goals. Then Dr. Hokanson will review your health history with you and may perform an focused exams or diagnostic testing in our Belmont clinic.

3. Personalized Care Plan

After carefully listening to your health goals and reviewing your medical condition, Dr. Hokanson will work closely with you to personalize a care plan that can efficiently and economically help you to improve your quality of life, reduce your pain, and even improve your vitality.

Whether you are here for chiropractic or nutrition on this visit, we will collect and review the data. Once completed, we will review and explain to you what we have found, and how we can best help you, from a chiropractic or nutrition approach, or both. Call us today to discuss your care and get started with your new patient appointment at (603) 230-2464 or send us a quick note online by visiting our Contact page.

What To Expect During Subsequent Follow-Up Visits?

We value your time and make every effort to keep your appointments timely while balancing the quality chiropractic care Dr. Craig Hokanson is known for.  Most follow-up visits can be completed in as little as 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

As a returning patient, we’ve added the convenience of offering online scheduling. Visit Online Scheduling

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