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Susan OT, Massage Therapy | Hokanson Wellness | Belmont, NH

Susan Lafrance OT, LMT, COTA, is a massage therapist, orthopedic specialist, infant massage therapist, cranial sacral therapist, and pediatric sensory OT. She has been an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association – AMTA since 2003.

Early Career in Massage Therapy

Susan grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and attended Pittsfield High School. After high school, Susan decided to pursue a career in occupational therapy, and trained to become an occupational therapy assistant. With more than 30 years of experience in OT, Susan continues to work in the field and has been an occupational therapist at Lake Region General Hospital before joining Hokanson Wellness.

As a mother, Susan has experienced first-hand the power of massage. She was inspired to pursue a career in massage therapy when she found that massage helped her baby. Susan is certified in infant massage therapy, and has been trained in other modalities including cranial sacral therapy and pediatric sensory OT.

“I think that massage is a crucial, valid therapy for any person, whether it might be life stresses or an acute injury, it’s good for emotional stress, physical stress,” LaFrance said. “It’s really good for chronic conditions, it helps with depression, sleep disorders, neurological conditions. I think that anybody could find validity with massage therapy if they did it regularly… I’d have one every day if I could.”

(The Laconia Daily Sun)

Continuing Her Massage Therapy Legacy
Susan’s passion and dedication to her work have earned her the respect of her peers and clients. She is committed to helping her clients achieve wellness goals through massage therapy and other treatments. From infants to seniors, Susan Lafrance OT, LMT, COTA, offers a wide range of massage therapy options to help improve her clients’ overall wellbeing.

Massage Therapy Letters, Demystified

  • OT: The use of occupation in occupational therapy is done to advance wellbeing and good health. In order to assist people of all ages avoid, decrease, or adapt to disability, occupational therapists employ occupation and meaningful activities that have a clear purpose.
  • LMT: Licensing Board Certification
  • Education and Training with an Accredited School, Membership in a Professional Association
  • COTA: While OT Potential is delighted to provide you with continuing education based on cutting-edge research, we also understand that earning a certification may help you develop specific skills and establish your subject-matter authority.

Daily Life Of A Massage Therapist

A massage therapist’s job is to treat patients by manipulating soft tissues while upholding a secure and comforting environment. The therapist should be skilled in interpreting the needs and desires of their patients through spoken words, body language, and other signs and adjusting their approach to massage therapy appropriately. In most cases, they answer to the company’s owner or management.

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